Memo to Jack Dorsey: Trump is TWTR's best friend

Silicon Valley is all atwitter (pun intended) about the hard reboot that is the Trump administration. However, one obvious beneficiary seems to have missed the boat: Jack Dorsey.

The Donald used tweets like Zeus used lightning bolts to ascend to the Olympian heights of our republic. All it took was one tweet to initiate a feeding frenzy which earned the Trumpster virtually wall to wall TV coverage without buying a single GRP.

If anything could demonstrate the power of Twitter as a medium, surely the election of an unlikely candidate is it. But TWTR stock remains basically UNCH since the election.

Meanwhile, I get insipid promotions from Twitter with totally untargeted promotions to get me to tweet.

Twitter needs to realize what it is and what it isn't.

What it is: an excellent opinion leadership vehicle, which lends itself through hashtags to trading views on events in real time: e.g., conferences, presidential debates, etc.

What it isn't: Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat. Twitter is not where you go to share pix of Fido or your latest meal. It lends itself to intellectual discourse. Journalists abound, as do professionals seeking to be thought leaders.

That's not a mass market but it is rarefied air, and it is very powerful. Just ask the most powerful person in the world.