5 marketing predictions for 2018 and beyond

1. 2018 will pose a historic opportunity for market researchers to fill the gaping hole in data sciencewhich is a paucity of data scientists. Market researchers are the perfect people to take charge of this role and need only to position and credential themselves accordingly.

2.  Market research will increasingly change from an attitudinal art to a behavioral science, utilizing the miraculous and wonderful 21st-century tech stack to measure behavior in response to various stimuli in real time and roll out the most successful test hypotheses in real time.

3. Expect research on the power of emotional appeals even in B2B to increase, based on the political zeitgeist and the clickbaiting media environment. Behavioral psychographics employed by digital marketers (first and foremost Facebook) are the templates.

4.  Market research will be carried along with the general marketing tide to become more and more identity-based. No longer will a sample be generalized to a population. Individual valences based on a digitally identified person will be developed and leveraged.

5. Marketers and researchers who master social and mobile will survive; those limited to archaic communications systems such as landlines won’t.