Is that a word? If it isn’t, I’ve coined a new one.

Since it’s my word, I get to define it:

A marketing service that develops strategy and implements the tactics that flow therefrom.

Where can you find such an agency?

To quote Gordo Cooper in the film The Right Stuff, you’re looking at it.

That’s right. The new kid on the block, T. Nugent and Associates, does it all or any portion thereof. In fact, strategical is more or less our one word Statement of Principles (to swipe from Herman Mankiewicz’s script for Citizen Kane).

It starts with your objectives: what are you trying to accomplish. The strategy flows from the objectives. The tactics flow from the strategy.

Like a river (except for the Chicago River), it only flows one way. Starting with tactics does not compute.

T. Nugent & Associates can help you define your objectives, review or create your strategy to achieve them, and help you implement the tactics. We can conduct a marketing audit to affirm or refine your current marketing. We can even serve as an outsourced fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Tactically, we can handle anything that can be done with Microsoft Word and then some. That includes writing marketing plans and content. We can help you buy media. We can write and deploy email campaigns. We can manage your LinkedIn corporate page and help your staff enhance their LinkedIn presence. We can call on our network of partners for graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), printing, and more.

So in other words, no job too proud, no job too humble.