Is Email marketing dead? (a series on email common sense - Tip #1)

The answer is – NO WAY. 

Email marketing is here to stay.

Email marketing is something that every company should be using in some form or fashion, and if they’re not… (well, this is awkward…)

Email marketing facts

  • 102.6 trillion emails sent every year.

  • And it’s increasing.  126.7 expected to be sent by 2022.

  • 99% of people check email EVERY DAY. 

The handwriting is on the wall — no matter the age of who you are targeting or where they are in the world, email is a great way to reach them. 

But when it comes to email marketing, there are (what I consider) commonsense steps to take before sending, yet not everyone follows them.  T. Nugent & Associates is here to save the day with a 3-week primer on How to Do Email Right.

Take it or leave it — but trust me, at least one of the things I am about to tell you will surprise you because you didn’t know it already.

1. Desktop or Mobile?

Since email is here to stay, it’s important to consider where your target audience reads it.

By and large, the iOS mail client tops the list, whether on an iPhone or iPad. People are not reading emails on their desktop computers.  And the next biggest is Gmail. To be precise, 63% of email digestion took place on one of those email clients in 2019.

And 95% of professionals use email — making it ideal for B2B marketing.

Common Sense Tip #1 - Consider where your end user will be reading your message.

  1. Test it on yourself.  See if you got what was intended out of the email.

  2. Is it too wordy?  Is the button too low?  Does the image take up way too much space? Etc.

  3. Adjust accordingly to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

  4. Then test again. It is not uncommon to have to tinker with layout adjustments a few times before they are just right.

There are great email marketing services out there that offer tools to ensure your message looks great on every device. More on that next week.

(Guest post written by T. Nugent & Associates COO, Katie Cochrane)