No matter how excellent your product or service is, it will fail unless people buy it.


A very wise colleague recently told me that marketing is 90% of success in business. Therefore, no matter how excellent your product or service is, it will fail unless people buy it.

That’s where T. Nugent & Associates can help.

With over 40 years’ experience and a wealth of expertise in marketing products and services, my approach is simple and somewhat analogous to medicine: First diagnose the problem, and from that develop the solution.

I can evaluate your most pressing problems and help you solve them with the right strategies and tactics. If you so desire I can help you implement recommendations with a team of digital and analog experts I have assembled over the course of my career—key people you can trust based on my experience in working with them.

I’d welcome the opportunity to …

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.
— Benjamin franklin

Our B2B Strategy

Business-to-business marketing is a very unique aspect of the marketing realm and it has been our focus for 40 years. Truth is, what works in consumer marketing is often grossly inappropriate for B2B. You can trust us to tailor strategy and tactics to the task at hand.

First comes the diagnosis, then the prescription. Our approach starts with what you’re trying to accomplish. We then identify what obstacles stand in your way. Only then do we recommend and, if you so desire, help implement the tactics that optimize your chances of success.


Areas of Expertise

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Digital marketing is destiny in the 21st century. TN&A can advise you how to maximize return on investment through optimal messaging, media, and management using the full array of tactics from email to programmatic.

email marketing

TN&A was literally present virtually at the creation of this tried and true tactic, which still has the highest ROI (40 to 1) of any online or offline tactic. Put our 20+ years of very granular experience in the medium to get the most out of your email marketing budget.

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Content marketing is the modern way to market. Your marketing communications become part of your value proposition when you do it well. TN&A es trained journalists to produce content marketing that gets read because it provides USEFUL, valuable information to readers, demonstrating your expertise and thought leadership to earn patronage.  

direct mail

The lost art and science of direct mail is the most effective contrarian play in the marketer’s toolbox. Marketers who understand that digital is a crowded space will have the courage to use it to breakthrough the clutter with tactile analog mailings that generate attributable response.

One of the advantages of our experience is extensive first-hand expertise in developing and implementing successful direct mail marketing methods.


Advertising is a tactic, not a strategy. TN&A can advise you on messaging, creative, media (digital and analog), and any and all other aspects of the art and science.


As part of our content marketing practice, TN&A can research and write whitepapers and other long form content that will get read because they are written to address the needs of the reader, based on authoritative sources, and written with journalistic quality.

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Lead generation is perhaps the highest calling of the B2B marketer. TN&A has unique resources that can accelerate the process through unique techniques that integrate email, cold calling, and direct mail at lightning speed to get your salespeople more productive and up to 10x more productive.

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